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Prevention is always better than the need to cure or treat, we may be doing ourselves out of business by saying this but, it is quite simply the truth! We are often asked if there are any tips we can offer to help stave off the need to seek professional help.

There is always a number of ways to help yourself and it’s probably about time we popped our most frequently provided tips into a easy to digest blog post.

This post may be subject to grow but for now we’ll start with our top 5.

It probably goes without saying but we can’t stress the first one enough…


1. Get Active!

Being more active is a surefire way to keep unwanted aches and strains away. With most smart phones now offering health apps with built in digital pedometers, and many stand digital pedometers such as the very popular FitBit range, it has never been so easy to keep an eye on your daily, weekly and monthly activity.

Start small but try to beat your step count for the previous day if you can, the recommended daily step count is 10’000, if you are stuck at a desk on a daily basis this can sometimes be hard to achieve by solely adhering to your normal routine. At this point its time to grab your comfiest trainers and go for a brisk stroll.

Some people can find walking for the sake of getting your step count up a arduous, boring and seemingly thankless task. If this is you, grab your self your headphones and dip into the world of audio books and podcasts, you could even try to learn a language, or stick on your favourite album, the choice is all yours. As you may be aware we also offer Pilates classes which are a perfect way to get active in a fun and structured way.

2. Stretch!

Far to many people ignore the need to stretch and much to their detriment! Start to think of stretching as mini workouts that are essential in keeping your muscles healthy. The more you stretch the more oxygen and blood pumps to them and the better they will function. Many people have attributed their long lives to a daily stretching routine, isn’t it time you started yours today?

3. Strength & Resistance Training

Put simply….Move it and use it or lose it!

Now that you have your blood pumping to all those neglected muscles its high time you build them up. Look after them and they will look after you well into your golden years. Building your strength increases your muscle’s tone and ability to support and protect your bones, ligaments and promotes better posture and greater comfort, it is also a great way to also ward off ailments such as osteoporosis.

Get yourself started with resistance bands or body weight exercises and gradually work your way up to weights when feel you are ready. We’re not looking to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger (and, yes I did Google the correct spelling) we’re simply looking to boost your strength in a manageable and healthy fashion. If you need help or advice, then we are able to tailor an exercise plan for you to get started.


4. Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Then we will begin, begin to tell you to watch your posture that is!

Driving, watching TV, working at your desk, cycling, pushing a pram or trolley, lying in bed, all of these things and many more can be conducted using incorrect posture. Over time if left uncheked this can quickly lead to painful issues that can’t be ignored or quickly remedied.

If you are suffering from pain, email me (Sophie) a picture of yourself sat at your desk and she will offer any advice to help with your posture.


5. Get Yourself Checked!

If you are desk bound on a daily basis then chronic pain and injury can quickly creep up on you to excruciating levels almost overnight in some cases. If you’re starting to feel the effects then give us a call or come in for a spinal check and a posture check, as we mentioned at the beginning, prevention is better than cure, don’t leave it so late that it has started to rule your life and limit your everyday enjoyment. Let us help you live your life pain free, it’s what we’re here for 🙂

We hope this tips post was of benefit to you and if you feel we have missed anything or you would like us to focus on a particular are, just let us know!

Until next time,

All the best,