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Based in Oxford, the Kennington Osteopathic Practice was established in July 2013. The owner, Sophie Jones, was educated at Oxford Brookes University and brings years of experience to her role as an osteopath.
Sophie can help patients with a wide range of problems including:
• Back Pain
• Pain Management
• Rehabilitation
• Musculoskeletal/ discal problems

Sophie also has a keen interest in physical therapy, holistic health and sports medicine. At the Kennington Osteopathic Practice, Sophie sees people from all walks of life. As a compassionate and caring Osteopath, she can help people address every day issues such as back pain and low back pain, headaches, migraine, or sports injuries. Patients visiting the practice can be assured of a professional, caring approach to their care and Sophie can offer help and advice to help her patients to begin to address their pain issues and start them on the road to recovery.

pilates and therapy centre abingdonOsteopathy is based on a gentle, hands on approach that helps to relieve pain by working on the tightness or stiffness that accumulates in muscles and results in limited mobility or movement for the patient. Moreover, osteopathy can be used as an effective treatment to help with over active muscles that can become sore and unstable.

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Whether the problem is lower back pain, headaches, or a persistent sports injury, Sophie can help to get her patients to get pain free and enjoy better mobility and freedom of movement throughout the body.

back pain treatment abingdonTo find out how Sophie can help, visit the Kennington Osteopathic Practice at or take advantage of the special offer prices that are being offered for a limited time, by visiting: