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How can you become healthier in Oxford?

It is the time of year when practically everyone is making promises to themselves about what to can try to improve their life the following year. After the joyful banquets have ended and the stresses of Christmas day have gone away, new worries usually avail in the form of body ‘unhappiness’. A lot of people will certainly have promised to make 2017 the year that they get on top of their health and fitness. If you live in Kennington, Oxford, Abingdon or the surrounding locations. we have addressed a few options for a much healthier 2017 with the help of Kennington Osteopathic Practice.


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Pilates is ideal for people who rarely exercise or have an injury that limits them from joining various other activities. Nonetheless, Pilates is a far greater tool than to simply ‘shape up’. Pilates has many benefits to the body.  Yes, the concentration on your core muscle mass will help to establish a solid stomach area, which will assist to decrease most usual issues such as lower neck and back pain.  Furthermore, Pilates is excellent for increasing your flexibility, confidence, mental wellbeing and to ensure that your joints remain mobile and supple.


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Osteopathy is the perfect companion for Pilates. Osteopathy provides a gentle type of hands-on therapy in order to help reduce all types of pain manifested within the body.  For example, we regularly treat patients for migraines, headaches, sporting injuries, arthritis, lower back pain, and repetitive strain injuries.

Osteopathy is suitable for adults and children (even animals but we don’t do that within The Village Centre!). Osteopathy can be extremely effective for long term muscular tissue discomfort and rehabilitation of injuries that have proved challenging to treat. Furthermore, osteopathy could go a long way to the prevention of muscular tissue discomfort by assisting the body to improve the patient’s posture and to develop more effective and safer moving techniques to maintain results.

The National Institute for Health and also Scientific Excellence (GOOD) advises the use of spinal adjustment for individuals with long-term, lower pain in the back that has no recognizable reason.

Kennington Osteopathic Practice, Oxford.

In 2013, the practice introduced its hugely prominent morning and evening Pilates classes in Oxford. The Pilates classes have been a huge success and we are now able to offer 6 regular classes each week.  For more information, you can check out the internet site at: Sophie Jones is the Principal  Osteopath at the Kennington Osteopathic Practice, Oxford. Sophie is readily available to chat to you to discuss how osteopathy or Pilates could help you. Please call 07787404419, email, or use the contact form online at