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Managing Upper Limb Pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries in Oxford

RSI (or Repetitive Strain Injury) is a descriptive term for an injury resulting from excessive use of a specific limb. It can be related to work , hobbies or Sports and is mainly found to effect the upper limbs and forearms,

It is a result of repeated movements of the same pattern which causes inflammation and damage to the soft tissues of the arms (muscles, nerves, tendons and tendon sheaths etc.)

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)  can include many of the injuries that cause long term, chronic aches and pains, such as golfer’s and tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Signs of RSI:

People who are suffering with RSI can experience a range of symptoms which can include:

  • Tremors, clumsiness and numbness.
  • Burning, aching or shooting pain.
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness in the hands or forearms.
  • Difficultly in controlling the forearms
  • Difficulty with day to day activities such as doing up zips, fastening buttons, and opening doors.

How do I know if I have RSI?

If a person is suffering from RSI, there may be an initial range of mild symptoms which can increase in severity. They often appear after the task which results in the injury, or similar repetitive tasks. Symptoms include soreness, tingling or discomfort in the forearms and limbs.

Initially the symptoms may disappear when you stop the aggravating activity. It may take only a few hours for the symptoms to settle, or it may take as long as a couple of days. Unfortunately, over a prolonged period even the mildest RSI can become a chronic, long term issue. Addressing the injury with medical intervention and rehabilitation as soon as possible can help manage the symptoms of RSI.  Our osteopaths can discuss how your condition is affecting your life and can help offer support and management.

What is the cause of RSI?

There are a number of reasons why RSI can occur. It can be connected to workplace injury or a repetitive strain from an activity or hobby. There are factors within activities that can exacerbate injuries

  • Repeated use of limbs
  • Using equipment that is the wrong size for your body such as a desk that is the wrong height.
  • Working too quickly without due regard for your body.
  • Not having enough breaks
  • Lack of training in the safest way to carry out a task
  • Lack of variety in the type of work you do
  • Working in cold conditions


How can I treat RSI? 

As discussed, in the early stages of  RSI there is a good success rate of  successful treatment. However, when the condition becomes chronic, it can become difficult to make a difference to the pain levels. Osteopathy can help you manage your symptoms and help you adjust your daily activities to prevent you making the condition worse.

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