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Low Back Pain in Oxford

If you find yourself dealing with low back pain in Oxford, you typically aren’t alone. Low back pain (lumbago) and neck pain and back pain is something that every person is likely to feel at least once or twice in their life. Whether it’s the result of poor night’s sleep or an ongoing condition, everybody, young and old, can be vulnerable to experiencing back pain of some sort.  By being fitter and healthier you may find that you are able to decrease the likelihood of you suffering from back pain, however, unfortunately, no one is completely immune.

back pain oxfordSo just how do you eliminate low back pain in Oxford?

Thankfully there are several methods available to help you eliminate those all-too-familiar aches and pain.  Pain is almost certainly easier to fix when it is treated sooner rather than later, as leaving pain to ‘sort itself out’ may just make it even worse in the long run. With that in mind,  let’s take a look at some methods available to help you reduce the pain in the back.

People find it hard to believe that a lot of pain in the lower back can be linked to dysfunctional gluteal muscles through a sedentary lifestyle where sitting is occurring more frequently than not.  So, for example, if you work in an office, make sure that you take regular breaks to help increase your spinal mobility and joint range of movement.   You could additionally aim to restore some function and strength into your gluteals through regular exercise and strengthening work.  This will ensure that your gluteals are firing up correctly help stabilise the pelvis and keep your spine neutral whilst walking.

pilates and therapy centre abingdonTherapy Alternatives For low Back in Oxford

A good day’s rest can sometimes be sufficient to beat pain in the back, however, if rest isn’t helping you may find that may need to take further steps to try to reduce your pain.  The following treatment can be useful when trying to combat neck and back pain

1, Hot & Cold Treatment. You may find it valuable to try alternating in between cold and hot therapy using warm as well as ice packs. Conversely (or additionally), you might attempt over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Nevertheless, there are times when your back pain will certainly just persist no matter what you try.

2, Stretching. There is a lot of wonderful stretches that can help release muscle tightness mass that can help to reduce your lower back pain. For instance, gluteal stretches, hamstring stretches, and also adductor stretching could all assist to reduce pain from the lower back.

3, Conversely (or additionally), you could try over-the-counter medications like paracetamol or Ibprufen.

4, Self-help Therapy. There are a huge of self-help videos on youtube or in books which incorporate a range of stretching and self-massage.

5, Soft tissue massage.  Massage can be a really effective way to break down muscle tension and help reduce pain.  There are many types of practitioners available for massages, such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs or beauty therapists.  At Kennington Osteopathic Practice we provide hands-on manual therapy to help people who are suffering from pain.  Osteopaths treat the body as a whole, this means that we don’t only look at the areas which are presenting with pain.  We don’t just treat your symptoms but aim to diagnose and treat your body as a unit to ensure that everything is functioning as it should be.  We also hold regular morning and evening Pilates classes which help to ensure that long-term your progress is maintained and helps to promote back ‘wellness’. So if you live in the Oxford or Abingdon areas, why not drop by as well as see Sophie, our Principal Osteopath?

back pain oxfordFind out How to Overcome Your Pain Today

Sophie and her team can help to lower the discomfort of low back pain in Oxford. The team are competent at treating and diagnosing back pain and will not only be able to offer their patients a tailored exercise treatment plan but also provide hands-on therapy to give you symptomatic relief.  Every one of our Oxford osteopaths works closely with their patients to help ease their back pain in a sympathetic and effective manner.

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