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Do you want to reduce the risk of sports injuries in Oxford?

Wow, Summer is here! The nights are lighter and longer, the weather is warmer as well as drier, meaning we could spend even more time outdoors delighting in our favorite sports and leisure activities. Whether you prefer to run in the cool of the evening, a tee off with good friends at the fairway at the weekend break or to play football with a team each week, sporting activities are wonderful for your mind and body. But beware! With all this increased sporting activity this can lead to an increase in sports injuries! But fear not, with the help our Oxford-based sports injury clinic, our Oxford osteopaths are on hand to help you.

If you have had the winter time off, or you are attempting a new sport, it is really essential to make sure you work out properly as well as do not put on your own at risk of an injury. You might be amazed to discover that there are also threats to everyday tasks, not just high ‘sports’, but even casual pastimes such as walking or swimming. If you have an existing injury, or you have not appropriately warmed up, your body is vulnerable to these extra stresses as well as stress during exercise. So, if you think about high influence sports such as squash, jogging or netball, the physical demands on the body can be outstanding, therefore it is not unusual that injuries are a regular occurrence and that the seriousness could differ dramatically from one person to another. Prior physical fitness levels, heating up, inadequate technique, overexertion and worsening of existing injuries can all contribute to the extent of a sporting activities injury. Over an extended period of time, if not dealt with correctly, a wrist sprain from a poorly aimed swing of the tennis noise can lead to just as much pain and also disturbance to your life as clash on the rugby pitch.

How can you reduce the risk of a sports injury?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, every patient seems to roll their eyes when we recommend that they stretch before and after they partake in any sort of physical activity.  Stretching enables the muscle to realign and conform to it’s pre-worked out state.  When you use your muscles for any sort of activity, to gain speed and strength the muscle must contract (shorten), muscles are more prone to being damaged when they are contracted, therefore stretching is so important to reduce the risk of a sporting injury.

Treating an existing sports injury?

Without proper treatment, particular to your sports injury, your injury may not recover efficiently and also you could discover it could continue to cause difficulties with regressions of aches, pains for many years ahead.  If you have received an injury throughout a sporting activity, it is important to speak to a specialist in sporting activities injury treatment immediately. Hannah Parr at Kennington Osteopathic Practice works wihtin our sports injury clinic and is experienced in diagnosing as well as restoring sporting injuries. Whether the injury is new or is persistent, the experienced osteopaths in Oxford can assess the injury and advise the very best training course of therapy going forward.

Osteopathy and Sports Injuries

A reliable sporting activities rehabilitation program will be tailored for you to restore function and movement to the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy using a mix of hands-on therapy, stretching, mobilisation within the sessions and with your help at home the exercises ensures daily work to your injury to help speed up recovery time. With dedication and also willpower you can soon start to see substantial improvements in your problem.

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