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Treating neck pain in Abingdon.

Are you searching for someone treating neck pain in Abingdon?  Our experienced Osteopaths are skilled at diagnosing and treating patients with neck pain in Abingdon. Although back pain and sciatic nerve pain are the most common disorders that osteopathy is most commonly associated with, osteopathy can also be very useful for relieving aches and pains for a variety of other areas of the body, such as the neck and shoulders. People visit osteopaths for neck pain just as frequently as they do for back pain.  When you visit an experienced Osteopath, their purpose is to focus on the body’s muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments and accessing the body as a unit.  Treatment consists of a variety of techniques such as mobilisation, soft tissue massage, manipulation, and stretching.  The treatment can help to soothe stress in the muscles and mind and also increases the blood supply to the tissues encouraging the healing processes.

Understanding Neck Pain

Today many people’s lives usually consist of a combination of prolonged computer use, long commutes, fatigue and, anxiety, all of which increase the likelihood of muscle fatigue, pain and trapped nerves in the neck and back.  The tension in these areas could also result in headaches, insomnia and other issues around the body. Other common causes of neck pain can be from poor posture and previous injuries such as whiplash; a sudden, strenuous movement of the head which could harm the neck’s tendons and also tendons.including the neck as well as surrounding muscle mass are frequently extended or could worsen if left neglected due to the fact that they are frequently being used also when at rest or resting, where stress, uncomfortable positioning or even sitting in a draught for too long could accidentally worsen any underlying issues, or be themselves the root cause of your pain.  As a result of the interconnectivity of the muscle and also nerves of the neck, shoulders and also upper back, discomfort and pain can expand right into the shoulder and upper back, as well as the neck.

Neck pain and damage from other areas of the body which result in neck pain could worsen if left neglected or untreated. This is due to the fact that the neck and arms are frequently being used, even whilst resting.  These areas are also easily aggravated through stress or through uncomfortable positioning or even sitting in a  draught for a prolonged period.  When pain becomes chronic this results in the body having to make compensations to avoid the pain, potentially leading to a cascade of further ailments and more pain.  Because the body is interconnected through a chain of connecting fascia and muscles, it is not unusual for somebody who experiences pain in their neck to later down the line develop pain descending down through the back /lower back or even into the calfs and feet.

treating neck pain in abingdon Treatment for neck pain in Abingdon

Osteopathy techniques for dealing with neck and shoulder pain are variable depending on the presenting problem and treatment can vary, however, treatment usually consists of joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and also soft tissue massage. Our experienced and certified specialists at Kennington Osteopathic Practice, near Abingdon, will customise your treatment to you and your treatment will be adapted according to your age, fitness level, and your pain threshold, no two patients are treated the same.  We use the latest exercise management software to enable you to continue your treatment plan at home to ensure that you maximise your treatment sessions.   If you are suffering from neck pain or discomfort and would like a consultation, please call Sophie today for expert osteopathy in Abingdon at Kennington Osteopathic Practice.

treating neck pain in abingdon