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Neck Pain in Oxford

If you are suffering from neck pain in the Oxford area, our Oxford-based osteopaths are treating neck pain in Oxford daily.  Though back pain and sciatica are the ailments osteopathy is most commonly associated with, it is useful in treating a wide range of strains, aches and pain s all over the body.  When you visit a professional Osteopath, their aim is to focus on the body’s muscles and joints through movement, stretching, and massage. The treatments relieve tensions in the muscles, increase blood supply to the tissues encouraging the healing processes.

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Understanding Neck Pain

Today’s lifestyles of computer use, long commutes, tiredness, and stress, increase the likelihood of muscle fatigue, pain and trapped nerves in the neck and upper back areas. Tensions in these areas can also result in headaches and other problems. Poor posture, strains, and previous injuries such as whiplash; an abrupt, vigorous motion of the head which can damage the neck’s ligaments and tendons.
Problems involving the neck and surrounding muscles are often prolonged or can become worse if left untreated because they are constantly in use even when at rest or sleeping, where tension, awkward positioning or even being in a draught can inadvertently aggravate underlying issues, or be themselves the cause of problems. Because of the interconnectivity of the muscular and nervous systems of the neck, shoulders and upper back, pain and discomfort can extend into the shoulder and upper back, as well as the neck.
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Osteopathy for Neck Pain

Osteopath techniques for treating neck and shoulder pains are versatile and can range from exercise therapy, mobilisation, manipulation, and massage. Our qualified therapists are Kennington Osteo can tailor the treatments based on the circumstances of the client. Age, the level of fitness, and the diagnosis will affect the treatment suitable for your individual requirements. If you are suffering from Neck pain and would like a consultation, call us today for professional Osteopathy in Oxford at Kennington Osteopathic Practice.