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Before your initial consultation

The practice is situated on the top floor of The Village Centre. There is a stair lift for people who find stairs difficult, please ensure you let us know when booking your appointment and we can meet you with the key.  Please knock on the first door on your left and take a seat in the lobby at the top of the stairs.

Before your first appointment we aim to advise you of what to expect on the day and what you need to bring with you. Generally we ask for you to bring a pair of shorts or underwear that you are comfortable in, a list of any medication that you are taking and any reports/test results/ scans that relate to your presenting condition.

We would appreciate it if you could arrive around 5 minutes prior to your appointment, this ensures that there is plenty of time for you to fill out your contact details and consent form that we need in order to treat you. Your first appointment time will be approximately 60 minutes.

Your practitioner will meet you in the lobby and take you into the treatment room to start your appointment. You are welcome to bring a friend or a relation to your treatment, under 16’s will need to be accompanied by an adult.


During your initial consultation

Before we are able to examine or treat you, you will be asked some questions about yourself, your past medical history and your presenting condition. The questions are detailed and questions such as; what makes the pain worse, better and when exactly did it start. You may ffel that some of the questions seem unnecessary and unrelated, however all this information is important and helps us to gain an over all picture of you, which helps to make a diagnosis and develop a personal treatment plan for you. Everything which is mentioned and written down during your sessions are completely confidential and will not be released without your written consent.

When we have gathered enough information we will move on to examination. So that we can perform a full and thorough examination, we usually ask you to undress down to your underwear. Osteopaths do’t just treat your sysmptoms, we work to find the route cause of your problem, thereofre this isn’t always located where you present with pain. Being able to see the whole body helps us to diagnose your underlying dysfunction.

What exactly should you wear ?

All we ask is that you wear appropriate and comfortable underwear. If you are more comfortable in a small pair of loose fitting shorts, then this is fine also, as are small vest tops/ camisoles. We really do understand that undressing can make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Please rest assure that we will will do our upmost to respsect your wishes and dignity and aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the use of towels etc. Please don’t forget that you can bring a friend or relation into the treatment room if this makes you feel more relaxed.
We will then move on to ask you to perform certain movements and certain tests may be carried out such as; reflexes and blood pressure, this will help us to understand and assess your condition. When we have finished examiniation we will discuss our assessment findings with you, and in most cases some treatment will be given.
Treatment is a hands-on therapy and it will involve us moving you, to articulate and mobilisate the joints and to stretch the muscles. treatment is a two way approach and is always within your pain and comfort limits, please tell us if you are finding part of your treatment uncomfortable or painful as there are many ways which we can adapt our techniques so we find the most effective and appropriate one for you. You will more than likely be given exercises and advice for you to take hoe and perform each day, this helps us to continue working on the areas in between treatment sessions and are important to improve and speed up your recovery.

Because osteaopathy is a manual therapy and is hands on we are aiming at encouraging the body to move differently. Therefore you can sometimes expects to experience some aching or stiffness post treatment. This is completely normal, however if you ever think that someting isn’t normal, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will talk you through any worries that you may have. Advice may be given to you to support the treatment. Prevention may also be discussed relating to posture and lifestyle.

At the end of your first appointment you will be advised of your diagnosis, treatment plan and any exercises that you need to carry out and your next appointment will be booked.



After your initial consultation

At the practice we don’t like to issue you with a set treatment plan stating how many treatments you will require. The amount of treatments you will need and at what internals will be determined by you and by what you would like to achieve from your treatment, what we find on examination and then how quickly your body responds to treatment. We like to work alongside GP’s where possible and if we believe that they should be given information about your health. Again, your consent must be given before we can contact your GP.

Likewise, if we do not believe that you will benefit from osteopathy treatment we will explain why to you and where possible refer you to somebody who we think will be able to help you.


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