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Top 5 tips for lower back pain.

 Did you know that in the U.K, approximately 8 out of 10 people are suffering with back pain at this very moment? That’s a staggering amount of people. Women, in particular, are prone to posture and back problems, This of course is self-inflicted by the way we carry around our handbags, pregnancy, and when carrying our tots on the hip. Whether you’re currently fighting the ache or you just want to prevent it in future, here are some quick-and-easy ways that are endorsed by experts such as Sophie Jones, principal osteopath at Kennington Osteopathic Practice to win your war.

back pain abingdon

1)     Pass the greens please!

It’s believed that the vitamin K, found in broccoli, spinach, and other dark leafy greens, helps calcium deposit in the bones. The stronger your bones, the stronger your whole body.

2)     Shed the load!

If your purse or briefcase tips the scales at more than 10% of your weight, it’s too heavy. And you need to carry it right. Your best bet is a model with a long strap that lets you position it across your chest like a messenger bag.

3)     Sleep.

A harder bed might not necessarily be better for your back.  A study by Spine found that people who sleep on soft beds reported less lower-back pain than those on hard ones. Your pillows shouldn’t raise your head out of alignment with your spine.

4)     Pilates.

It’s possible that exercises such as pilates, can aid back pain and prevent it in future, strong core muscles lead to stronger body strength thus aiding in the war against back pain.

5)     Posture.

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can really do a number on your back. Another option would be to try using an exercise ball as your desk chair like many do these days, good posture is a must just to stay on the thing.

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