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Have you been affected by back pain?

The numbers suggest you will have! Statistically four out of five people have suffered back pain severe enough to have to consult their doctor, this makes it the second most common reason to contact your GP! And there’s good reason too, an occurrence of back pain can feel extraordinarily urgent.

Speaking from experience I once had an issue with my back that rendered me immobile on my living room floor for nearly a full day and I had to (very painfully) be helped up and into an upright position by 2 friends and an on call doctor.

A mere 2 days later I was footloose and fancy free, the point being, even a minor instance can debilitating enough to make you fear the absolute worst. The lack of sleep and comfort that follows just compounds things further.

So how do we mitigate such worrying and easy to come by pain?

The key, as is often the case, lies within the realms of prevention.

Follow our top prevention tips and you’ll not only feel stronger and more mobile but those limit the trips to the doctor!


1. Stay mobile.

When you start to get niggling pain in your back the first thing you think is to reduce your exercise and activity in general. Despite this seeming like sound logic, it can actually increase muscle tension and prolong your recovery time. Sensibly push through the pain barrier and try to keep on keeping on. Use with caution though as you don’t want to aggravate things.


2. Watch your waistline.

Extra weight causes extra stress, especially around your midriff, which can exacerbate or trigger back pain by causing disturbance to your centre of gravity. This inconsistency piles pressure on your lower back and is much tougher to control once past a comfortable weight bracket. Keeping within 10 pounds of your optimum weight will keep you on the right track.


3. Smoking? Why?

We are all abundantly clear on the dangers of smoking, the less obvious side effects relate to the restriction of blood, and as such the nutrients they transport, to the spinal discs. Lack of nutrient and inhibits the associated reparation support your body needs. Quitting smoking is the foundational support that every body needs. Seek help if you’re struggling with quitting today, it may prove to be the best thing you’ve done, you won’t be the only one that sees the benefit.


4. How’s your sleep?

If you frequently experience back pain, then an assessment of your sleeping situation could reap massive reward. Consider the amount of time you spend in bed and take a serious view of your set up. We have previous blog posts on this matter which will put you on the right track if you’re needing some direction.


5. Posture, posture, posture.

Much like the above mention of sleeping position, your waking position is just as important if not more. All too often we slump into an ‘easy’ stance which might feel like the most comfortable, and as such correct position, but this more often than not isn’t the case. Check in with your posture regularly to help build healthy posture habits. Not only will you help prevent aches and pains popping up but you’ll strengthen your core and enhance your overall stability.

These five steps should be the basis of your healthy back regime, and the benefits you feel will be far reaching, trust us!

If after following the above you feel that your pain is starting to become unmanageable get in touch with us so we can put a personal plan in place for your needs. We are here for any questions or queries you need addressing still and hope to see you again soon.

All the best,

Until next time,

Soph x