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Dealing with Sports injuries

Summer is here! The evenings are lighter and longer, the weather is warmer and drier, meaning we can spend more time outdoors indulging in our favourite sports and pastimes. Whether you like to jog in the cool of the evening, tee off with friends at the golf course at the weekend or play football with a team each week, sports are great for your body and mind.

However, as with any physical activity, you must be careful! If you have had the winter off, or you are trying a new sport, it is really important to be sure you exercise correctly and do not put yourself at risk of an injury. You may be surprised to learn that there are risks to every activity, even low impact sports or hobbies such as walking or swimming. If you have an existing injury, or you have not correctly warmed up, your body is vulnerable to stresses and strains during exercise. So, if you think about high impact sports such as squash, jogging or netball, the physical demands on the body can be exceptional, therefore it is not surprising that injuries are a regular occurrence and that the severity can vary drastically from person to person.  Prior fitness levels, warming up, poor technique, over exertion and exacerbation of existing injuries can all contribute to the severity of a sports injury. Over a long period of time, if not treated correctly, a wrist sprain from a poorly aimed swing of the tennis racket could result in just as much pain and disruption to your life as clash on the rugby pitch.

Without proper treatment, specific to your sports injury, your injury may not heal effectively and you may find it can continue to cause difficulties with relapses of aches, pains or restricted mobility at the injury site for years to come.  If you have sustained an injury during a sporting activity, it is important to speak to a specialist in sports injury treatment as soon as possible.  Kathryn Parkin at Kennington Osteopathic Practice and the team are highly experienced in diagnosing and rehabilitating sporting injuries. Whether the injury is new or it is a recurrent, the team can assess the injury and recommend the best course of treatment going forward.

An effective sports rehabilitation programme can help restore function and movement to the musculo-skeletal system.  Using a combination of hands on therapy in our practice and exercises to continue at home, guided by our therapist, your treatment is concerned with rehabilitating muscles, joint mobilisation and soft tissue healing using stretching and massage techniques.  With dedication and perseverance you could soon start to see significant improvements in your condition.

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