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What is Osteopathy?

Many patients who call the practice for an appointment still aren’t aware that as Osteopaths, we treat more than just necks and backs!  Osteopathy has been proven to be a successful solution for helping people to manage lower back pain or neck pain, however, Osteopathy can be used as an effective treatment for the whole of the body.  This blog will explain the 3 principles that are incorporated into osteopathic therapy.

The body as a unit- Osteopaths believe in treating the body as a unit. For instance, a person experiencing lower back pain or neck pain won’t always have a problem with their neck or their back. The pain can be referred from somewhere else or be a result of poor body mechanics. If any part of the body is functionally poorly, then this will cause an additional strain on another part of the body. An Osteopath will look at the body as a whole to help determine the cause of the lower back pain, neck pain, or any other source of discomfort, and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.


The Body’s Self-Healing Properties- The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Sometimes the body’s ability to heal itself can become impaired because of illness, injury, or some form of imbalance within the structure of the body. When the body is unable to heal itself, the result can be pain. Common areas for discomfort are lower back pain, neck pain, knee and ankle pain. An Osteopath is able to work with the patient to enable the body to repair itself more efficiently.


Structure governs function- Osteopaths understand that the structure and function of the body are interlinked; structure controls function, functions controls structure. For instance, if the joints or muscles work poorly, then this can begin to affect the way the body works. When this happens, the body has to find a way of compensating for this imbalance. When this dysfunction goes untreated, it can eventually lead to the onset of pain.

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Sophie Jones is an Osteopath working in Kennington, Oxford.  Sophie is the principle Osteopath at the Kennington Osteopathic Practice, Oxford.  The practice also offers Beginners Pilates courses in Oxford.  For information, or to make an appointment, call 07787404419.