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And so it begins, the British summer fast approaching and the beautiful springtime weather is upon us. With Winter having kept us cooped up for longer than anticipated, we’ll all be heading outdoors once again to entertain ourselves. Be it gardening, running or simply talking the dog for a walk, being outdoors is unbeatable.

osteopathy in kenningtonHowever, going without physical activity for some time can lead to the muscle and the joints stiffening up and seizing, and thus culminating in lower back pain, shoulder and joint ache and so on, making it rather difficult for any of us to enjoy the glorious Springtime weather.

Oxford osteopathsDoes this sound familiar? Are you someone who Suffers from such ailments as lower back pain and aching shoulders? If so, and you are based in and around the Oxford area, then let me introduce you to the wonder that is Kennington Osteopathic Practice, situated in the beautifully quaint village of Kennington. The solution to osteopathy in Oxfordshire.

back pain treatment oxfordThe founder of the practice, Sophie Jones, is a registered Osteopath, Sophie strives to provide the highest quality in osteopathy in Oxford at a budget to suit everyone’s needs. Not only are Sophie’s prices highly competitive in her surrounding area of Oxfordshire, but she can also offer student and senior citizens rates.

Abingdon osteopathyExercise classes can also aid in stopping the suffering of any such pains like lower back pain in the future. If you have often thought of taking Pilates classes, but thought them expensive, or difficult, then please take a look at the Pilates classes offered at the Kennington Osteopathic Practice. There are 4 Pilates classes a week on offer, to suit everyone’s timetable. Morning Pilates classes are mat based and are priced at £9 taught by Caroline Hyder-smith and evenings are taught by Lauren McLeod and are also the bargain price of £8.

Don’t let your back pain and joint pains keep you cooped up again this Spring, get down to the Kennington Osteopathic Practice and see what Sophie and her experienced team can do for you.

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