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Sports clinic for Oxford and Abingdon


Sophie and the team are highly experienced in diagnosing and rehabilitating sporting injuries. The Oxford practice provides affordable and effective sports injury treatment to the Oxford and Abingdon area. We also are able to offer gait analysis, biomechanical assessments and Kinesio sports tape (Rock Tape) to help to continue your treatment whilst you are not in the practice.

What should you do now?

Our sports injury clinic is located in Kennington, Oxford, making us accessible to Oxford and Abingdon patients who are in pain. At the sports injury clinic we treat patients with sporting injuries such as muscles strains or tears, tendonitis or repetitive strains, we also provide taping for injuries. You can apply for a free 15-minute consultation below, alternatively, you can book your appointment using the button above.

Sports Clinic Services


Gait analysis

Come and understand how ‘you’ run.  It is important for both experienced and new runners to know their running style  to ensure you are using the right trainers and to prevent injury.


Bio-mechanical assessments

A head to toe analysis of your body highlighting areas vulnerable to injury.   A detailed and tailored treatment plan will  be provided.


Osteopathy Sports Injury rehabilitation

For those with new or re-current injuries.  Sports rehabilitation focuses on treating the symptoms using a range of mobilisation, soft tissue and stretching techniques.  Treatment also  focuses on future re-prevention.



Sports Massage

Ensure you are always top of your game by keeping your muscles at the correct length.  Sports massage’s work through all your aches and pains to ensure that you are ready to face your next target.


Sports Injury Clinic Testimonials

“Kathryn was able to quickly diagnosis my injury that I obtained whilst playing football.  I was given advice and a rehabilitation programme which helped no end.  I’n now back playing for my local Oxford based football team and couldn’t be happier! Thanks. “John, Abingdon Road Oxford. 

“I visited the sports injury clinic at Kennington Osteopathic Practice and was welcomed by Kate. Kate was thorough and efficient and diagnosed my on-going pain was biceps tendonitis. I have found great benefit to attending weekly sessions, thanks again.” Lara, Botley, Oxford