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New Pilates Classes in Oxford- Coming soon to the Kennington Osteopathic Practice:

The Kennington Osteopathic Practice is pleased to announce our new Pilates classes in Oxford. The classes are due to start from November 2013 and will be held twice a week as part of a five-week course. The 5-week course will begin on 19 November. The Tuesday sessions will begin at 18.30 and the Wednesday sessions will begin at 09.30. Sessions cost just £9.00 each and need to be paid for in advance. In order to create a relaxed setting, the Pilates classes will be carried out under a candle light setting complete with mood lighting to help create a peaceful environment for the classes.

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Group Pilates Classes in Oxford

New Pilates classes in oxford

Sophie Jones, owner of the Kennington Osteopathic Practice, can refer patients to the Pilates classes if she feels that they will be one of the patients that benefit from them. Those attending the classes at the Kennington Osteopathic Practice will also have the benefit of working with someone with an understanding of back problems and disc injuries. In addition, as Sophie works so closely with her patients she can ensure that the Pilates classes are targeted especially for their individual needs.

Pilates and Osteopathy in OxfordNew Pilates Classes in oxford

In many ways, Pilates is the ideal partner for osteopathy. Both forms of therapy are ideal for patients with disc injuries and provide gentle, subtle actions that will help to encourage an injury to heal rather than adding additional stress to the joints. Pilates is especially beneficial to patients with disc injuries. It can be difficult for patients with back problems to find a suitable exercise regimen; however, many patients with back pain or a disc injury could find that Pilates is ideal for them.

The Benefits of Pilates for Disc Injuries

Plates in Oxford

Anyone who has had a back injury will know just how painful it is. However, Pilates has been shown to provide some pain relief to people with a disc injury or lower back pain.  Pilates can help to build strength in the lower back area making it less susceptible to injuries. Pilates can also help to stretch and strengthen the lower back area, relieving areas of tightness.

Pilates and Core muscles

New Pilates Classes in OxfordIn Pilates, you’ll often hear references to the core muscles; the core muscles include your back, your abdominals, and the hips.  It is a well-known fact that by keeping the core muscles of the body strong, a person can reduce their chance of a back injury. Pilates is extremely effective as creating strong, streamlined abdominal muscles and strong stomach muscles will help protect the lower back area from painful injuries.

Maintaining Mobility and Posture

New Pilates classes in OxfordA painful back injury can leave the patient inactive for a long time; getting back into exercise can be extremely difficult. However, Pilates will help to maintain mobility without straining the lower back muscles.  Many people report an improved posture after practising Pilates for a while. Good posture is well-known for helping to keep the lower back and spine healthy so anyone prone to back injuries can benefit from the regular practice of Pilates.

For further details of our Pilates services click here or for further details on osteopathy you can click here Or call Sophie on 07787404419.